Weblog Awards Start December 1st

It’s Web Awards time…

Tomorrow starts the Weblog Awards voting.

You can vote for your favorite blogs HERE.

Last year, as you may remember, the Men from Powerline deservedly won the “Blog of the Year” award for leading the charge against the fruadulent Rathergate documents and in the process they ruined 60 Minutes II’s attempt at influencing the US Presidential election.


Congratulations again to the men at Powerline!

Here are thoughts on this year’s weblogs awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award- This is not an actual award but if it were it would have to go to Instapundit. There is none better! Glenn Reynolds continues to lead the internet in thought and observation. His Porkbusters movement this year ended “one bridge to nowhere”.

Best Blog- I agree with the Anchoress. There was one blog this year that brought down a government. Captain’s Quarters did. The liberal Canadian Government fell this past week and how much of that because of the reporting of Ed Morrissey breaking the publication ban on the Gomery investigation. This is an incredible story.

Best Conservative Blog- Michelle Malkin deserves an award. As the Anchoress says, “She’s also tireless, she brings real investigative reporting chops to the blogosphere, she’s fearless, and she was willing to do the work of justifiably discredibiting “Air America” for it’s misuse of public funds when the MSM would not write about it… as, I believe, they still have not.” How many stories has Michelle broken? …An incredible year for Michelle Malkin!

Best Group Blog- Powerline, Polipundit, RedState, Wizbang, NewsBusters,… Terrific blogs, and all deserve an award.

MilBlogs- Ace, BlackFive, Mudville Gazette, Indepundit, Austin Bay, Bill Roggio, Winds of Change, Michael Yon for starters.

I’ll stop now. I don’t want to leave anyone out,… and I know I just did. I do want to thank the individuals who nominated “Gateway Pundit”. I truly appreciate it!

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