Veterans Day

To all of the veterans who have served our country proudly.
Thank you!

We buried my father earlier this year on a clear and crisp February morning in Iowa. He was a World War II veteran. I appreciate that today and I remember him today.
Our country is losing Warld War II veterans at a rate of 1,100 a day.
To those of you from “The Greatest Generation” and to all other great Americans and Veterans, Thank you.

La Shawn Barber has a nice posting today for Veterans Day.
Black Five has a vey moving hero story posted.
Tech Central Station has a nice article on one flag pole celebration.
Camp Katrina says, “Thank a veteran.”
What a cool post on AFB Minot at The Officer’s Club.
Open Fire wishes that Congress had more warriors! (So does The Anchoress)
Mudville Gazette has the days military news roundup.
National Review has a nice tribute titled “Generations of Valor”.
DJ Drummond at Polipundit compares and contrasts the response to Veterans Day.
California Conservative has historical quotes.
Lucianne honors the veterans today.

What a nice gift for the day,… Instapundit just posted that Bush slammed the historical revisionists.
Jeff Goldstein has more.

Michael Yon is back from Iraq.
Condi is back in Iraq.

One Hand Clapping had a great Marine Birthday post up, yesterday.
Happy Birthday, Marines!

Update: Here is a Fact Sheet on the Bush Administration’s commitment to veterans.

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