"The Other Iraq" Thanks America!


This is one the most moving videos I have ever seen!
I hope you take time to watch this 30 second advertisement, too!

It makes you wonder what the mood in America would be like if this were broadcast every evening!

Kurdistan Region of Iraq is a good news story that seldom gets told!

Kurdistan is putting out a national media blitz this week.

With a population of 5 million in an area larger than Switzerland or twice the size of New Jersey, it is surprising that this region remains largely undiscovered and commercially untapped.

The Government and the peoples of Kurdistan invite you to discover their peaceful region, a place that has practiced democracy for over a decade, a place where the universities, markets, cafes and fair grounds buzz with progress and prosperity and where the people are already sowing the seeds of a brighter future.

This is from Melanie Morgan
Chairman, Move America Forward

Starting Wednesday, a major national television ad campaign will begin that features Iraqi Kurds thanking the United States for liberating them from Saddam Hussein.

This is the message that has not been reported by the old-line media: the people of Iraq are happy that Saddam is gone and they want to say “Thank You” to America.

The Kurdish region of Iraq is in the northern portion of that nation. Iraqi Kurdistan has been operating with a democracy for more than 10 years (their safety provided by 10-years of air cover by U.S. and British jets in the “No Fly Zone” in Iraq).

Please – go watch these ads. The first one, “Thank You America” is the ad you will be seeing beginning on the Fox News Channel (running nationwide). And make sure you show this to everyone you know. Each time I’ve seen this ad I’ve been nearly brought to tears, seeing these people survive the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein and showing such warm and sincere appreciation for the United States.


And email the Iraqi Kurds and let them know how much we appreciate this ad campaign.

E-Mail: [email protected]

And then help us increase the size of the radio ad buy we will be making with as generous of a contribution as you can afford:


Or mail a contribution to:

Move America Forward
ATTN: Pro-Troop Holiday Ad Fund
P.O. Box 1497
Sacramento, CA 95812

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