The 101st Airborne Writes Home & Gets Down to Business

C. Robinson passed on this letter from SGT Walter J. Rausch and the 1st Platoon. I have posted the first two paragraphs but the whole letter is exceptional:


Be my voice. I want this message heard. It is mine and my platoon’s to the country. A man I know lost his legs the other night. He is in another company in our batallion. I can no longer be silent after watching the sacrifices made by Iraqis and Americans everyday.Send it to a congressman if you have to. Send it to FOX news if you have to. Let this message be heard please?

My fellow Americans, I have a task for those with the courage and fortitude to take it. I have a message that needs not fall on deaf ears. A vision the blind need to see. I am not a political man nor one with great wisdom. I am just a soldier who finds himself helping rebuild a country that he helped liberate a couple years ago.
I have watched on television how the American public questions why their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters are fighting and dying in a country 9000 miles away from their own soil. Take the word of a soldier, for that is all I am, that our cause is a noble one. The reason we are here is one worth fighting for. A cause that has been the most costly and sought after cause in our small span of existence on our little planet. Bought in blood and paid for by those brave enough to give the ultimate sacrifice to obtain it. A right that is given to every man, woman, and child I believe by God. I am talking of freedom.


Please read the rest of this letter at Pass the Brass blog.
Thank you C. Robinson for the tip!

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And, Ajinas sends this news on the 101st Airborne from Iraq:

The following is my translation of a headline and news from the November 18th addition of the Iraqi Arabic newspaper Nahrain

The 101st finds weapons cache west of Baghdad.

Soldiers from the second combat brigade of the 101st uncovered a large weapons cash west of Baghdad after receiving a tip from a local citizen. The unit discovered at first a small cash of two mortars, two rockets and one AK-47 on the 14th of November. After this first discovery the soldiers started searching the area further using metal detectors. They then found the largest weapons cash uncovered by the 101st. The 101st started digging up at about 3pm and were still pulling weapons out by midnight on the 16th of November. At the arrival of the bomb disposal squad the soldiers were still digging up weapons. Sergeant Joel Killian said: “After we discovered the small weapons hide out we started uncovering more and more weapons first one mortar then another then a mortar launcher son the road side was filled with weapons, the more we looked the more we found.

“The weapons uncovered as of the 16th of November are 150,000 rounds caliber 7.62mm, 600 explosive rounds, 150 grenades, 150 120mm rounds, 125 rockets, 35 anti tank mines, 86 60mm rounds, 50 plastic explosives, 85 mortars, 13 20mm rockets, 12 RPGs, a number of barrels, light equipment, copper wire, 3 60mm mortars, 55 one gallon containers of fertilizer, 3 bundles of fuses and 2 82mm mortars with launchers.” Major Todd Able said: “This is an important step in trouncing the supplies, and capabilities of the terrorists, who use these supplies in their cowardly attacks” he added “ I am proud of the soldiers who participated in this find, they and their colleagues are making a big difference in improving the safety of southern Baghdad.”

Ajinas comments:

These types of finds (while not of this size) are happening all over the Central to west central Iraq. Iraqis are turning terrorist and their hideouts in, on a regular basis. Sunni and Shiite Iraqis are doing this. They are both fed up with the terrorist foreign and domestic.

Haider Ajina
Mckinleyville CA

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