Polls: Bush- Bad, Democrats- Even Worse

Notice: The intent of this post is not to namecall. I don’t need to see any big Democrat alligator tears. This is just a review of polling numbers.

New polling data is bad news for Bush with only the Democrats doing worse!

Harris Polling Results:


The latest Harris Poll finds that President Bush’s positive job rating has continued to fall, touching another new low for his presidency at 34 percent. This compares with his positive ratings of fully 88 percent after 9/11, 65 percent in November 2002, 50 percent at the end of 2003, 50 percent in November 2004, 45 percent in June of this year, and 40 percent in August.

One surprising(?) finding is that the Democrats have not been able to capitalize on the decline of the president and other Republican leaders’ ratings. The positive rating of the Democrats in Congress has continued to fall and currently stands at only 25 percent, two points lower than the also declining rating for Republicans in Congress.

John Edwards Was Right!

At least that is what Free Belarus says from the looks at this Pew Research Center Poll released yesterday:

When asked about Coalition efforts to establish democracy in Iraq, 56% of the general public (non-elites) said we will be successful. Compare that to 27% in academia, 33% in the media, a staggeringly low 13% in science/engineering (the most heavily Democratic group, according to the survey) and 28% within the foreign affairs sector (read: State Department). 64% of elites in the military, however, said we will be successful. Now the question should be asked: who is in a better position to know whether we will succeed – the military elites or the university professors sitting in their offices in America and the scientists who spend 12 hours a day in the lab?

When asked about their opinion of President Bush, 40% of the general public gave him a favorable approval rating. While that’s nothing spectacular, compare that to 21% in the news media, 15% in the foreign affairs establishment, 12% in academia and 6% in science and engineering.

Much more at Free Belarus.

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