Murtha Backlash

You won’t see this on the front page of the New York Times!

Town Hall had this bit of news up today on the “Cut and Run” Amending Democrats and not surprisingly the Democrats continued to solidify the public’s view that they are horribly weak on defense after their latest fiasco:

1.) When Dems Sens. criticize Bush’s policy on Iraq, does it help/hurt morale of troops in Iraq?

68% Hurts
14% Helps

2.) When Dems criticize Bush’s policy on Iraq, do you think they are trying to gain partisan advantage or believe it will help US’ efforts in Iraq?

52% Gain political advantage
30% Think will help

3.) Should US military withdraw troops immediately regardless of impact, as Iraq meets goals, or set fixed publicaly avail timetable for withdrawal?

50% as goals met
15% withdraw
29% timetable

These numbers suggest what many Republicans have been privately saying for a week now: Democrats have classically overreached on the Iraq issue. Not only have they gone farther than the American people are willing to go, but they have been so wrongheaded about their approach that they have unified a Republican party that only days ago was fissured on domestic issues.

Who ever orchestrated this fiasco…Pelosi? Reid? Kerry?…is quite possibly the world’s worst political strategist.

Hat Tip Terry Harris & Larwyn


Texas Rainmaker found more on Murtha and his similar strategy in the Somalia struggle.

Newsmax had more on the Somalia episode. Hat Tip Larwyn

WilieDog adds:

To the anti-war folks, no idea is worth a life. They have their freedom, they live in a democracy, and if others don’t then that’s just tough luck for them. It is the worst kind on prejudice!

This effort is the first real chance at peace in the Middle East in over 60 years. The people of the Middle East deserve this chance, the people of Iraq deserve this chance, my children deservce this chance.

Well said!

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