"Judgement Day" & Other Tuesday Elections

California Conservative is out front urging Californians to vote for historic changes today. Arnold Shwarzenegger is hoping for his Propositions 74-77 to be approved today. It will be a good race to watch and California Conservative will be keeping score.

Jason at Generation Why has advice for democrats.

The Governor Races in Virginia and New Jersey will be exciting to watch.

As usual, Polipundit will be keeping up on all of the election news.

This is goodFree Belarus wants to know:

“You’ve got a neck-and-neck race in New Jersey, what has for over a decade been one of the bluest of blue states (following up on Bush’s major gains there in 2004) between an incumbent Senator and a man who has already lost one statewide election. How would a narrow loss there reflect Bush’s supposed “woes?”

Update: No surprise. Democrats take Virginia and New Jersey governorships.

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