Joe Wilson Says He May Sue Rove & Libby


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The Joe Wilson says “No man is above the law” in interview from “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”:

OLBERMANN: I understand.


The damage that has occurred to you and to your wife, one question that keeps being asked of me in this, and obviously you would be the source on this, why have you not sued? Obviously, it‘s probable that you couldn‘t sue the president directly. He‘d be immune in most areas of court. The vice president may be the same.

But could you not sue almost anybody else in the administration for essentially interfering with your wife‘s contract with the CIA? Or in one of these so-called Bevins actions, because her Fourth Amendment rights have been violated? And is there a statute of limitation ticking of those options for you?

WILSON: Well, we‘re looking at all the options right now. We‘re working with my attorney, Christopher Wolfe. And we‘re waiting, basically they‘re waiting for the outcome of the investigation. We did not want to do anything that might impede the investigation. We have time, we have looked at the statue of limitations, and we‘re taking a look, as I say, at all options.

It‘s a fairly easy case in the sense that it‘s now clear that Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby were giving classified information related to my wife and her employment status at the CIA to members of the press who had no right to have that information.(?) At a minimum, it‘s a violation of national security. They should lose their security clearances.(?) Mr. Libby has already been indicted. I don‘t know what will happen to Mr. Rove.

But we‘re waiting, really, until the investigation‘s over until we decide what we‘re going to do on that.

OLBERMANN: Turning to the campaign against you and your wife that certainly began in 2003, there seems to be, I guess, a broad sense that that campaign ended at some point. And yet you can turn on Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or any other reactionary parrot, and you hear these same talking points about you.

Would you just briefly address these? They say your wife was not a covert officer because she posed in “Vanity Fair” magazine. They say that your report on Niger was debunked at some point. And they say that you claimed that the vice president had sent you on the Niger trip, and when you said that, you were lying when you said that. Would you just address those three points?….

Hat Tip to Allamn & Smash at 97.1 FM who hope Joe Wilson does go ahead with a lawsuit so that America will finally get all of the information on the Wilson-Plame Affair.
There is now evidence that Joe Wilson was sent to Africa by his wife.
There is now evidence (The Butler Report) that says that President Bush’s accusation on Iraq seeking uranium from Africa was well-founded.
There is now evidence that Joe Wilson’s testimony to Congress actually lent credibility to the original CIA Reports.

No Pasaran has more today on the French/Italian connection to this story,… the part the NYT will not put in print…

Italy’s spymaster identified an Italian occasional spy named Rocco Martino on Thursday as the disseminator of forged documents that described efforts by Iraq to buy uranium ore from Niger for a nuclear weapons program

What this does is put another nail (as if any were needed) in the coffin that all that Uncle Sam’s allies were offering America (whether French or Italian, whether members of the Coalition of the Willing or otherwise) was unfettered and objective friendly advice, and if only America were omniscient, or if only the Bush administration was as close to omniscient as possible, Americans would have heeded that advice…

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