Jimmy Massey & John Kerry Have Too Much in Common

Last year during the runup to the November election, Arianna Huffington asked us all to look deep into our hearts and answer this gut-wrenching question:

“This post goes out to all those good ol’ boy soldiers out there who insist that Kerry is a traitor and aided the enemy in a time of war. My question is, are these soldiers traitors too? …Hoffman, Brandon Hughey, and Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey?”

Today we can assure Arianna that the answer is a resounding, “Yes”. Yes, Arianna Jimmy Massey is a traitor, too!

Jimmy Massey the story telling veteran from the Iraq War and poster child from the Iraqi Veterans Against the War, got his training from the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, another group known for their abhorrent lies during a previous American war!


The St. Louis Post Dispatch knows the real story about Anti-War Hero and friend of Cindy Sheehan, Jimmy Massey.

Now, it appears that Jimmy Massey and the New Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW) are getting their training plans from the Old Vietnam Veterans Against the War(VVAW). And, wouldn’t you know,… it was the Swift Boat Veterans who broke this story last year during the presidential election season.

Last year there was an article posted on the Swift Boat and POW Veterans for Truth website by by Beatrice 1000. She described the whole interwoven connections between the two anti-war groups from Vietnam and Iraq. There was even a passing of the guard ceremony between the two groups in Central Park! It appears that the new bunch is getting their training from the old guys:

I have found some old-time VVAW names & others, involved now with VAIW & IVAW:

Jan Barry (Jan Barry Crumb)-
–1967: founder of VVAW; moderator at WSI in Detroit, Jan/Feb 1971.

Joe Bangert
–9/07/70: With Kerry/Fonda at Operation RAW (Rapid American Withdrawal), Valley Forge, PA
–1/31/71: Testified at WSI: …the men were afraid to complain about such atrocities because those who complained were subject to harsh discipline by company commanders.
–FBI/Sec. 2, p38, data on flyer about WSI testimony being handed out: JOE BANGERT, 22, Sgt. E-5, helicopter gunner (1968-69), PA resident, testifies to the disembowlment and skinning of Vietnamese woman by an American, after she was killed by ARVNs. Body was hung on a tree as a warning to other gooks. He further testifies to killing villagers – 20 or more women, children, old men — in helicopter assaults near Cam Lo, and of civilians shot without provocation along Highway 1 near Dong Ha in Oct. 1969
–5/19/97: Paid respects at tomb of Ho Chi Minh (indicated founding date of the VVAW – 5/19/67 – coincides with birthdate of late Vietnamese President)
–2003: At Joe’s Pub in NY went on stage to sing “Ballad of Ho Chi Minh” in original Vietnamese (ode to the pres. of No. VN)
–2004: Endorses VAIW

David Cline

Daniel Ellsberg
–1965-67 – worked at US Embassy in Saigon; 6/30/71 leaked pentagon papers
–8/25/71 per FBI/S5,p.231: spoke along with Kerry/VVAW & McGovern & others at the National Student Assoc. Congress in CO
–2004: Truth Telling Project- urging people to leak secret govt. docs.
–2004: Endorses VAIW
–Ellsberg: Truth Telling Project: 7/12/04 AP – “Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Calls for National Security Leaks”, by Martha Mendoza (full article: SOURCE)

Michael Hoffman

Bobby Muller (Mueller?)
–1978 founds the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). The VVA also describes John Kerry as a “co-founder” of the organization. In the late 1980s, Mueller & the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) split from the VVA.
–Led a VVAF delegation to Hanoi, where he praised the communist leadership of Vietnam & laid a wreath on the grave of Ho Chi Minh.

Stephen S. Noetzel

Barry Romo
–4/71: involved in Dewey Canyon protest and threw his ribbons
–12/72: Went to North Vietnam with peace delegation which included Joan Baez. Romo was the first combat veteran to visit Hanoi.
–2004: Contact & National Coordinator for VVAW
–2004: Contact for VAIW
–2004: Assoc. with IVAW thru Cline

And, in a public ceremony, the torch was passed in Central Park on July 24, 2004 from the Vietnam Vets Against the War to the Iraqi War Veterans Against the War.

…One grizzled ex-Marine climbs a shelf-rock and yells out “Let’s hear it for IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR!”. Joe goes on to cite the Announcement of the Founding of IVAW “7/24/04, in Boston MA!” “Come on up here Mike, and say a few words”. This call interrupts a historic moment, taking place just a few yards away. Mike Hoffman, founder of Iraq Veterans Against the war, is engaged in quiet conversation, with the ever understated Jan Barry, founder of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. The Passing of the Torch. Then Mike is up on stage… introducing addnl. members of IVAW, and thanking the Vietnam Vets for their Inspiration and Mentorship. Each of the New Vets takes their turn at “a few words for the brothers”.. “Just like you guys”, says one, “we are growing like wildfire because, like yours, our leadership has failed us, and our cause is JUST”. “Just like you guys”, says another, “we answered The Bell, and did our job. Now it’s time for THEM to do right by US!”.

Dave Cline says a few words to define the Moment. Like many old Vietnam Vets, he recognized long ago, that the Invasion of Iraq had DEEP parallels with our sad mis-adventure in Vietnam. For starters, yet another immoral, illegal war. He’s been working tirelessly since the very start of the Bombing of Baghdad, to bring the collective experience of VVAW to the grunts in uniform, doing the dirty work of our Government, in the heat, and sand, and chaos, that is Iraq. “The torch is being passed”, says Dave. “Right here, Right now, my long-time dream is coming true, and the Torch is being PASSED!”. A mighty cheer arises in Central Park…

Michelle Malkin has more on Jimmy Massey today and wrote about his support of an American draft dodger last year.

GOP and The City reports that Jimmy Massey CD’s are now 50% off!

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