House Caves on ANWR

Michelle Malkin and her readers respond HERE and HERE.

The Anchoress

If your plan was to make people so disgusted with your cowardice, your disorganization and your political tone-deafness that they either stop contributing to the RNC, or they decide to just sit out the next election (because what’s the point), or they decide to vote out every stinking one of you in the next elections, because you freaking well deserve ouster for literally doing nothing constructive and squandering your majority…well…you have succeeded spectacularly! Beyond your wildest imaginings, I am sure…

Jayson at Polipundit is much more positive…


Once the final version of the spending plan is signed, sealed and delivered, it will become the eighteenth major Congressional enactment – since January 2001 – which fall into the pro-growth, pro-business, socially conservative, or anti-crime/terrorist categories:

(1) lower marginal income tax rates for individuals,
(2) lower tax rates on capital gains and dividends,
(3) a sharp reduction in the tax rate on repatriated foreign business income,
(4) accelerated depreciation deductions for small businesses,
(5) the national ban on partial-birth abortions,
(6) the U.S. – Singapore free trade statute,
(7) the U.S. – Australia free trade statute,
(8) the U.S. – Western Africa free trade statute,
(9) the Unborn Victims of Crime Act (“Laci & Connor’s Law”),
(10) the Patriot Act, (11) the U.S. – Morocco free trade statute,
(12) comprehensive energy policy reforms (nuclear, coal, and natural gas power), (13) firearms liability reform,
(14) the Real ID Act,
(15) class action lawsuit reform,
(16) the CAFTA free trade statute,
(17) bankruptcy reform,
(18) Medi-care, farm subsidy, and Medi-caid spending restraints.

If ANWR drilling winds up in the final version of the budget bill, that’ll make No. 19.

We’ll find out in about two weeks what that final version will look like.

Jayson has a pretty good point!

Glenn Reynolds thinks it unwise for conservatives to act liberal.

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