Egyptian Blogger Freed from Jail

Last month, blogger/writer Nabeel Abdul Kareem disappeared in Egypt.

Nadeel had spoken out against the Radical Islamists who attacked and stabbed a Christian Coptic nun inside St. Gergis Chritian Church in Alexandria.

Freedom for Egyptians had the story on the circumstances behind this courageous man’s arrest.

An Egyptian Coptic nun lies on the ground Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2005, after a Muslim student stabbed and slightly wounded her at the St. Gergis church in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, Egypt, amid tensions over a theater performance considered offensive by Muslims, a police official said. (AP)


The authorities released Nabeel Abdul Kareem today.

Rantings of an Egyptian Sand Monkey has much more on the story of his release and time in Torah prison.

Stefania at Free Thoughts has more on why he was released.

And, in other good news, the brothers at Iraq the Model are celebrating their second year anniversary of blogging. They continue to be instrumental in getting the other side of the story from Iraq out to the masses. Happy Birthday!

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