Democrats Rejoice! Able to Keep 2 Seats!

Democrats? California?

If there was ever any doubt that democrats own the unions and the unions own the democrats it can be put to rest from this headline:

Democrats Win Elections in NJ, Va., Calif.

The California elections of course were about the unions and paid for by the unions. In fact the Democrat Socialist Unions spent so much on the contest that they went broke. Well, the teacher’s union, anyway:

More than 90,000 California teachers are going to get a quick introduction to hardball politics today when they get an e-mail telling them their union is going broke. The e-mail, signed by a pair of teachers working with the Yes on 75 campaign, cribs from an affidavit filed in federal court in San Jose last week by Carlos Moreno, controller for the California Teachers Association. In the document, Morales says the union has spent more than $50 million fighting Proposition 75 and other initiatives backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and needed a three-year, $60 a month dues increase to “maintain fiscal solvency.” Morales also said that the union is looking for a new $40 million line of credit because without it “millions of CTA’s members dues dollars are possibly at stake.”

Since Prop. 75 would require public employee unions to get written permission from members before using their dues for political purposes, the measure’s backers have been “riding that horse hard”.

I guess they road it a little too hard!

Democrats were also able to keep seats in Virginia and New Jersey. This was so exciting for the Dems that Howard Dean screeched:

“I believe national Republican politics … really had an effect in Virginia and California,” said Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean. Voters “don’t like the abuse of power, they don’t like the culture of corruption. They want the nation to go in a different way.” Then he let out a loud yelp!

Free Belarus put things in perspective yesterday:

You’ve got a neck-and-neck race in New Jersey, what has for over a decade been one of the bluest of blue states (following up on Bush’s major gains there in 2004) between an incumbent Senator and a man who has already lost one statewide election. How would a narrow loss there reflect Bush’s supposed “woes?”

In Virginia, you’ve got an equally close race between the Republican and a man personally endorsed and campaigned for by an extremely popular Democratic outgoing governor. A loss there would hardly be indicative of Bush’s “woes” anymore than either of Gov. Warner’s wins there were indicative of the GOPs supposed “woes” at the time.

It was a good day for dems. Unions finally came out of the closet and quit pretending to be non-partisan. The media has their first campaign to celebrate since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the fair elections in Iran. A good day for the dems.

They don’t have to clear out another office!

DJ Drummond from Polipundit notes the sanity in Ohio.

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