Comparing Condi's, East Beats West

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a surprise stop in Iraq today, where she promoted diversity to the infant democracy:

“We do support the principles of democracy and support efforts to bridge the differences among Iraqis,” Rice said following a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

Divisions “may be differences of history or tradition, culture or ethnicity, but in a democratic process these differences can be a strength rather than a handicap,” she said.

As I was reading about Dr. Rice’s trip I couldn’t help but notice the terrific picture of her posted in the Pravda article I had found.

Pravda has Condoleezza Rice looking as elegant, confident and warm as could be.

I was reminded of this shameful episode (via Michelle Malkin) two weeks ago in USA TODAY where the photo editing jokesters made Condi look possessed in their article (USA TODAY has since changed its picture after they were caught red-handed with their gross display of bias)…

And, I couldn’t help but think that it is a sad day for the American media when Pravda has eclipsed them in terms of respect, and in terms of bias!

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