Bush Administration Plays Opossum

Powerline and Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard agree that President Bush needs to start fighting back on all of the allegations against him and his administration and the Republican Party. And, Bill Kristol is right in that if Bush does not start fighting back it is going to be a very long 39 months.

But what is more important here is what is at stake. The world Marxists are gaining courage and making gains in South America. Iran is talking about wiping out Israel. France is a quagmire. Sweden must be absolutely terrified! After all, it is predicted that Muslims will overtake its native population as the majority by 2050.

Not to mention that the world media is absolutely against the US. Oil is scarce all over and the price of oil is only going up.


These are problems that the Democrats have neither a plan or a solution. The country and the world needs a very strong George Bush right now because it needs Republican Leadership and values to move the world forward now and in the future!

Let’s pray he will do it!

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