Bill Clinton Joins in the Democrat Squabble & the Media Squawks

Yesterday, the ex-President Bill Clinton (as if democrats ever leave the office of the presidency,… even disbarred ones) argued that the U.S. made a big mistake in invading Iraq.

Bill Clinton gave this speech in Dubai which is roughly 200 miles from where US troops are stationed in Iraq and fighting for this country.

This, of course is exactly the opposite to what he had to say a short while ago. It is interesting how liberals are not expected to remember what they said from a couple of years ago unlike conservatives.

Isn’t it also strange that the liberals, who had complete belief in Saddam Hussein’s “inherent good” to work with arms inspectors, now have no confidence in the ordinary Iraqi citizen’s “inherent good” to stand up against the evils of terrorism in their midst and to determine their own destiny?

And, is Bill Clinton really the one to talk about success at war as he did yesterday? Not only was he never in the service but didn’t he also get the U.S. into a quagmire over in Kosovo that is still going on with no elections, no stability, and not much hope for resolution anytime soon?

This is not the situation in Iraq.

Iraq is gradually, methodically putting the foundation in place for a successful future. For more on current positive developments that you will not hear in the US defeatist media go HERE.

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