With Al Franken, The Left Embraces Violence

Michelle Malkin today has a post on “Al Franken Cracking Up!” Michelle has pictures and a video of a raging Al attacking a conservative physically in a sick attempt at humor!

Communist thugs believe attacking people with opposing views is funny. Dictators like to send their thugs out to attack those people with opposing views. And, religious fanatics attack those with opposing views physically, as well.

But, physically attacking people with opposing views is not funny!

But, none of this upsets Amazon or USA Today who wrote a flattering piece on his new book:

In the epilogue to his newest book, The Truth (with jokes), published today, Franken writes a letter to his grandchildren, dated 2015, reviewing how Democrats “took our country back.”

The unnamed president is a Democrat. President Bush has been impeached, convicted and “began drinking again, all in the space of a single afternoon.” And a Democratic senator from Minnesota is Al Franken…

…At 54, he says his political future depends, in part, on Air America Radio, the fledgling liberal talk-show network he helped start last year. But he is laying the political groundwork.

Early next year, he plans to move from New York back to Minnesota. (He left when he was 22.) He and his wife, Franni, have bought what she calls “a city home” in Minneapolis and what he calls a “town house.” He concedes: “I’m not clear on the distinction.”

“In politics,” he writes, “you can never turn the other cheek. Especially when you’re fighting the Christian right.

Boy, how the Left hates Christians!… Here is one clear fabrication from the USA Today review:

Al acknowledges that Limbaugh’s radio audience is about 10 times larger than his: “He’s been around longer. He’s talented at what he does, but what he does is awful.”

But, in at least one market, Al has no audience!

So, “about 10 times larger” is a stretch, when you consider 10 times nothing is still nothing! And, I would be willing to bet that the gap is much larger than that in most markets.

** Isn’t it funny how USA Today could write that whole article without mentioning that Al Franken and Air America ripped off a bunch of city kids of thousands of dollars? **

I guess that is not news to the Left.

Al was also on “The Today Show” where he got more rave reviews for his humor(?) and his new book. The epilogue to the book is written by a deranged lefty who did one sensible thing and remained anonymous. Here is a bit of the opening:

“The Truth” is a very different kind of book than the ones this multifaceted genius has given us before. Oh, it’s funny. (How could Al Franken not write a funny book?) But it’s more than that. Gone is the familiar cast of villains: the psychotic Ann Coulter, the sex-addicted Bill O’Reilly, the drug-addicted Rush Limbaugh. Consigned to their own personal hells by their failings as human beings, Franken mercifully leaves them be. Ann Coulter has been banned as effectively from these pages as from the intellectual salons to which she so desperately craves admittance.

In “The Truth,” the fish are bigger, and the fry is deeper. Franken’s targets this time include both people — Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, DeLay — and something new: ideas. In particular, the idea that the 2004 election meant that Franken’s beloved America had moved to the right. Al Franken ain’t buyin’ it.

But this book is more than just a disconnected list of names, places, and topics. Far more. It is something new for Franken. And, I would argue, for literature. Here, Franken has taken a single stem cell — the English language — and grown from it a fully functional kidney with which to purify the blood of the body politic.

Whatever… Al Franken is no longer funny and the left is toying too much with violence. Violence is not funny. It is serious!

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