VDH Analyzes Another Successful Iraqi Election

Victor Davis Hanson, at National Review Online, shares his thoughts on the quiet and quite amazing Iraqi Election from this past weekend:

And the reaction at home? Apparently no matter. The media has long since written Iraq off as a “quagmire” and a “debacle.” The war is now hopelessly politicized and has been misrepresented in two national elections. Then we heard that the war’s purpose was either to steal oil (the price actually skyrocketed), enrich Halliburton (in fact, few other conglomerates wished to venture to Iraq), or do Israel’s dirty work (it just withdrew voluntarily from Gaza).

Our aims were said to be anything other than to remove the worst dictator in modern memory, allow the Arab world a chance at democracy, and undo the calculus of Middle-Eastern terrorism that is so parasitic on the failures and barbarity of regional autocracies.

The whole article is top notch VDH analysis.

Also, today the Iraqi Election officials have postponed announcing the results of the Constitutional Election for at least another day.

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