Two Thumbs Down to "Paradise Now"

Davids Medienkritik today posts about an award winning film from the German Cinema. Richard Bartholomew from the German Daily WELT wrote this review…

A Jaundiced Look at a Sympathetic Figure

Suicide bombers are really good people:
Alan Posener: The disappointing film “Paradise Now”

Said is a suicide bomber in Nablus. Long trained for this job,
he and his friend Khaled don’t hesitate a moment when their
organization’s leader announces they’ve drawn the winning straw and
will be allowed to stage a double mass murder the next day in Tel
Aviv. (…)

The next day the friends start out and although Khaled gets cold feet
at the last moment, Said goes through with it and blows himself up
with a bus load of Jews. Mission accomplished.

So much for the plot of the German-Dutch-French co-production
“Paradise Now”…

The review gets into much more about the movie HERE

The evangelical film jury names “Paradise Now” as the film of the month.
German critics are praising the “sophisticated” presentation.
Amnesty International distinguishes it with its peace prize.
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs sees a replay of 1938.


The movie trailer begins with the Amnesty International symbol recognizing its brilliance. The scenes are beautiful. The people are beautiful. The music is beautiful. There is no doubt when watching just this trailer that “Paradise Now” romanticizes the life of a suicide bomber.

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