Throwing Sand & the Leaky Leak Investigation

Did the left lose its head over the leak investigation?
(This photo was not doctored by the way.)

Gasps of disappointment from the question and answer session at Special Councel Patrick Fizgerald’s press conference today…

Q: from Michael IsikoffFor all the sand thrown in our eyes, it seems you know the identity of the leaker. Why are you not revealing it?

A: I can’t. The law is the law…we cannot discuss information not contained in indictment. …if you ask me any name, I’m not going to comment…I can tell you no one wants this over as quickly as I do… (via Michelle Malkin)


Random thoughts on the Scooter-Flame-Leak story…

-I am sure there were several lefties who couldn’t get to sleep last night over this story like today was Christmas morning… or, I guess the correct term is “holiday” morning to them (until they figure out the holiday comes from the words “holy” and “day”!)

-I wonder how many liberals will wet their pants from excitement during the news conference today?

-For an investigation into a leak of a CIA agent there sure have been a lot of leaks to the press over the past several weeks!

-I personally think that news that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map is a slightly bigger deal than an investigation into an “outed” leftie office workerat the CIA married to a rabid left wingnut who lied to the press about his poolside trip to Africa.

-The New York Times has a popular article this morning on the leak case leaked to them from someone on the case. Wasn’t it the Times who had a reporter sit in jail for three months for not revelaing her leaks?

Special Councel Patrick Fizgerald’s website put an announcement up about the investigation and news conference around noon today (via Michelle Malkin).

Polipundit is running numerous posts on the story.

-We will know something soon enough. If Scooter is the only one indicted, it will be a huge letdown for the Dems. As Ann Coulter says, “Who is Scooter Libby?”

Glenn Reynolds is on the story.

Update: (Friday AM) Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis “Scooter’ Libby Jr. was indicted Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak case.

Rove walks.

TigerHawk explains the stock market rebound today and makes excellent political predictions.

But, one company’s stock has not done so well through all of this!

I wish I would have added this earlier. The Anchoress has terrific words on Leak Story.

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