Real Texans are Gullible Uneducated Country Folk

Liberal Media Elitism Alert!
Bill McClellan from the St. Louis Post Dispatch attacks “un-educated” rural Bush-backing Texans today.

Happily, the truth generally sorts itself out during the course of a trial, and so with DeLay, at least, we should know something soon. He has already been indicted. I saw him on the news just the other day. He was standing on the courthouse steps. He said he looked forward to the truth coming out and he said he wanted a speedy trial.

Of course, that was confusing, too, because if you want a speedy trial, you can ask for one, and DeLay’s attorney had just done the opposite. He had asked for a change of judge and a change of venue, and those requests pretty much assured there won’t be a speedy trial.

Not that I blame DeLay for wanting a different judge. The current one is a Democrat who once donated money to the extremely liberal group, A change of venue makes sense, too. Right now, the case is in Austin. There’s a big university there. The town is overrun with educated people. If I’m Tom DeLay, I want real Texans on my jury. Folks who nod in agreement when they hear Harriet Miers say that George W. Bush is the most brilliant man she’s ever met.

Didn’t anyone ever tell Bill McClellan, “Don’t mess with Texas”?… Here is his email.

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