Pakistan Accepts Jewish Help

Pakistan continues to lead the Muslim World as was evidenced again today in public statements. The earthquake ravaged country will accept aid from Israel and American Jews. This, of course, is big news in the Muslim world, even with the catstrophe at hand.

Pakistan will accept assistance from Israel and American Jews to help in the rescue and relief of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis left homeless by a massive earthquake, according to American Jewish Congress-Council for World Jewry spokesman: . American Jewish organizations including the American Jewish Congress-Council for World Jewry, the Joint Distribution Committee, and the American Jewish World Service are already raising funds for Pakistan relief.

The decision to accept financial support and equipment from Israel came during a telephone call earlier Tuesday from President Pervez Musharraf to Jack Rosen, chairman of the AJCongress-Council for World Jewry. President Musharraf also told Mr. Rosen that Pakistan would warmly welcome help from American Jewry.

“I am pleased that Pakistan will receive help from the Jewish community and from Israel” Mr. Rosen said.

“I call on the Jewish community to show its solidarity with Pakistani victims of the earthquake by joining the relief effort. The human face of natural disaster is the same wherever such disasters occur and regardless of the nationality, ethnicity, or religious faith of those who are victimized”, he said.

Pakistan and Israel held historic talks on the first of September of this year. And, President Musharraf was the first Pakistani Leader to address the American Jewish Congress in New York last month.

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