OU Student was 1st Suicide Bomber Since 9-11

** Joel Hinrichs had tried to enter the OU game on Saturday Night! **

The Ox Rant has the videos on the investigation from NewsOK.com.

ZombieTime has an incredible aerial map of the stadium, the blast site, and the apartment.


Joel H. Hinrichs III, the OU student who blew himself up outside of an OU-KSU football game on Saturday night was the first suicide bomber on US soil since 9-11.* The facts all lead in this direction.

So why are we not hearing more about this in the national media? And, can we at least be assured that Homeland Security is notifying officials at other large public venues that this has happened and to be extra vigilant in their security efforts?

The evidence is stacking up and it does not jive with what OU President David Boren has been pushing in the news this past week since a student blew up 100 yards outside an OU-Kansas State Football game. As the Enid News is reporting today, there are more questions than answers, and especially the answers the public is getting from President Boren:

University of Oklahoma President David Boren has made daily statements regarding the status of the investigation, the safety of students, faculty and fans and increased security measures that will be taken in the wake of the incident. He’s also stated time and time again it appears there was no terrorist intent from Hinrichs or anyone he might have associated with.

Yet, this week we have learned Hinrichs attempted to buy a large quantity of ammonium nitrate at a local feed store. We have learned he had other explosive materials in his apartment, and we have learned his Muslim roommate and associates were held briefly by law enforcement immediately after the explosion.

It’s clear the FBI, which is in charge of the investigation, is trying to be tight-lipped because they don’t have all the answers. They can state they have no direct evidence “at this time” to support any reports Hinrichs was involved with terrorist organizations or he intended to do harm to the fans in the stadium.

They probably are doing the right thing by limiting their comments until they have confirmed answers to all their questions. But, the information that is being ferreted out by the media is starting to paint a disturbing picture. Why would Hinrichs try to buy large quantities of a known explosive material? What was his motive for committing the suicide in such a public and dramatic way? What kinds of associations has he been involved with recently and what were his political views?

We applaud Boren for the attention he has given the matter and his daily briefings regarding the status of the investigation. Yet, we also believe there are more layers to this story than are being publicly disclosed at this time.

In other developments OU President Boren has changed his tune some on the bombing incident in his latest press conferences with the media:

The other interesting news is:

1. the Transcript is now saying the explosive was “on or near” Joel Hinrichs, who was killed in the blast, and

2. Boren now says: “I do not say suicide.”

Boren earlier was saying that it was just an “individual suicide” while trying exclude the possibility of terrorism. Some, myself included, have voiced the suspicion that Hinrichs intended to kill football fans, but accidentally triggered a detonation before he was able to place himself in their midst. The blast happened five minutes before halftime.

Joel Hinrichs’ connection with the local mosque (video HERE) that his roommate attended is not clear. Muslim students are telling authorities and reporters that they are not aware of Hinrichs attending the Masjid Al-Nur Islamic mosque, at 1304 George Avenue.

One question that still remains is where did Joel Hinrichs get his information on bomb making and just how easy is it to get such information?

TATP, or “Mother of Satan” is a volatile explosive that is rarely seen in the US but is often used by Palestinian suicide bombers.

There are reports out now on what the authorities took out of Hinrichs car after the bombing (as Michelle Malkin and Mark Tapscott reported last night):

A Lincoln Town Car registered in the name of OU Suicide Bomber Joel Henry Hinrichs III remained as of 4:00 p.m. EST today in the parking lot of the apartment where he lived and a U.S. Department of Justice inventory of the contents found by law enforcement officials was visible on the seat, Tapscott’s Copy Desk has learned.

Among the items listed on the inventory are “13 plastic bottles” in the trunk. The inventory did not note if there was anything in the bottles, their size or coloration. The blue Lincoln was registered in Oklahoma under Hinrichs’ name in June of this year, according to state tag records. The expiration date on the tag was February 2006.

But, here is the most damning evidence that this bombing was not a “typical suicide”, but that Joel Hinrichs was a suicide bomber. Self-explosion is just not a means of suicide in this country. This morose yet informative list was put together yesterday by reader CRobnson:

I have just spent nearly 3 hours looking for/at suicide methods. Although mortality coding combines firearms and explosives together, I was able to find alot of additional information that gives me the impression that it is the firearm that was the “culprit”. Firearms and suffocation were the two most common methods. Next comes poisoning. Here is a list (in no particular order) of methods.

1 Burning oneself (self-immolation)
2 Car “accident”
3 Drowning
4 Electrocution
5 Hanging
6 Jumping
7 Jumping off the stern of a ship
8 Jumping under a train, tram or car
9 Lethal injection
10 Overdosing
11 Plastic bag method
12 Poisoning
13 Seppuku (hari-kiri)
14 Self-decapitation
15 Shooting
16 Slashing throat
17 Slashing wrists
18 Starving to death
19 Stopping breathing
20 Suffocation
21 Suicide by cop

I could not find any information about some poor depressed person anywhere who just decided that he would blow himself up. Turns out, availability is the biggest clincher on what people choose. In this guys case I guess he figured he would have some backup at home in case he only blew part of himself up the first time.

Uh, guess I better drag this half of my body back home and get the other bomb.

You add to this that Hinrichs was trying to purchase ammonium nitrate the week before at a feed store (and that he was wearing a vest with what appeared to be wires hanging out when he asked about the ammonium nitrate purchase), where there are now two witnesses to confess to this, one an off duty police officer. A
nd, regardless of Joel Hinrichs’ Muslim connections, he was out on a mission to hurt himself and others.

One other development from the bombing at OU is that many schools are now evaluating their security measures.

As a sidenote, The Oklahoma Daily is telling readers to check the sources on the news they are hearing about this bombing incident. The information on this blog has all been sourced with the links provided.

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* I am calling the 9-11 actions suicide bombing because of the fuel-filled planes they were using as flying bombs.

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