More Democrats to be Indicted in East St. Louis

The St. Louis area has seen 16 Democrat election workers convicted of voter fraud or similar charges this past year. This past week an obstruction of justice and plotting to murder a government voter fraud witness can be added to that list of Democrat convictions:

Although, Kelvin Ellis was convicted of voter fraud, tax evasion, and pled guilty to obstruction of justice and plotting to kill a government witness, his “running a prostitution ring out of City Hall” charge did not make it to court!

Former Democratic Party Leader and Director of Regulatory Affairs, Kelvin Ellis told the judge that he understood the charges against him and pled guilty on Wednesday, October 12, 2005 to obstruction of justice and plotting to kill a government witness. His trial had been set for today, October 17.

Today, Kelvin Ellis, the man held behind bars for plotting to murder the federal witness said there are more indictments to come:

And he said the federal investigation that led to arrests of eight people with links to City Hall is not done yet.

“I’m certain there are other targets,” Ellis said with a trademark, gap-toothed grin. He declined to name one, but insisted, “I can’t be the be-all, end-all. There has to be something else.”

Ellis had been a top aide to Mayor Carl Officer in the 1990s, and previously served 18 months in prison for using his position in city government to get kickbacks. He eventually found his way back to power in City Hall.

When Officer returned to the mayor’s office in 2003, their relationship was “strained,” Ellis said. Officer has recently supported some Republican candidates. For that, Ellis said, he wants Officer out of power.

A former choirboy, Ellis now has accumulated four felony convictions. He is the son of two East St. Louis teachers and the father of 15 children. He complained of not receiving regular doctor visits for his diabetes during 10 months at the Tri-County Detention Center, deep in Southern Illinois. It often is used as a stop-off for federal inmates facing immigration charges.

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Update: On Monday, U.S. District Judge G. Patrick Murphy (a Clinton appointee) denied post-conviction motions for acquittal and new trials sought by defendants Charles Powell Jr., Jesse Lewis, Sheila Thomas, Kelvin Ellis and Yvette Johnson. The five were wanting to fight their voter fraud convictions from July’s jury verdict.

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