It's Hard to Frog March a Man on Crutches

…And other evidence that the mainstream news and Democrats are utterly frustrated with the one gimpy assistant to frog march out of the White House but that they will play it up for all it’s worth anyway…

Here’s the first overly biased headline of the day on the Leaky CIA Leak Investigation:

Bush, Cheney Urged to Apologize for Aides

This is, of course, an AP “News” story by Douglass K. Daniel reprinted at the Baltimore Sun and at numerous other news outlets:

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said Sunday that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should apologize for the actions of their aides in the CIA leak case.

Reid, D-Nev., also said Bush should pledge not to pardon any aides convicted as a result of the investigation into the disclosure of CIA officer Valerie Plame’s identity.

“There has not been an apology to the American people for this obvious problem in the White House,” Reid said. He said Bush and Cheney “should come clean with the American public.”

Reid added, “This has gotten way out of hand, and the American people deserve better than this.”

Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, resigned Friday after he was indicted on five charges relating to statements he made to the FBI and a grand jury investigating the Plame leak.

Reid also said that Karl Rove, the president’s closest political adviser, should step down. Rove has not been charged with a crime.

Harry so Scary! That’s right Harry Reid, Karl Rove should immediately step down for NOT being indicted on NOT outing a CIA agent! Too funny!

And, why should George Bush apologize for an “accusation” of crime committed by a limping staff member from the VP’s Office? That is just silly! This is certainly a far stretch from how the Democratic Block felt about perjury “convictions” a few years back. Let’s see? Didn’t they all vote that they were Cool with Perjury? (It was this shocking partisanship that pushed the morally conscious away from the Democratic Party. Not even one Democrat could see the wrong in perjury and the harm it did this country. Shameful!)

The Washington Post in their true Pravda-lite fashion headlined their article today about polling results with the Bad-Bush news first:

White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned
55% in Survey Say Libby Case Signals Broader Problems

But in the very last paragraph in the article you discover this: “55 percent said the president was not at fault, while 12 percent said he probably did something illegal, and 21 percent said he did something “unethical but not illegal.”

That is roughly the same percentage of liberals who think that George Bush is the devil and Jane Fonda is patriotic. Doesn’t look like the Democrats made any traction out of the indicted assistant on crutches, so far. That’s after non-stop 24 hour coverage on the non-leak-indictment CIA leak story.

But, that doesn’t mean the democrats and their media will stop trying!

Today at least one liberal blog is out bashing the conservative base as a big bunch of stupid for “still” backing the president. Funny how some things never change.

Don Surber, also, has a great piece on “They Wanted a Hog but Got Scooter!” today.
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American Spectator has plenty of “Belated Fitzmas” this weekend.
Texas Rainmaker says “So Much for that “Innocent Until Proven Guilty Stuff.”
And… The Anchoress, witty and brilliant as usual, says “We couldn’t get you with two years of investigations, but just resign, damn you, RESIGN!”

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