Indian Bloggers Under Attack

My friend Patrix from Desipundit has written to me concerned about several Indian Bloggers who are being threatened by the Indian Institute of Planning and Management with threats of legal action.

You can go HERE for more on the story.

A private management institute, IIPM has taken legal action against a
magazine editor-cum-blogger, Rashmi Bansal (JAM Mag) and two Indian
bloggers, Gaurav and Parna for criticizing the institute on their
blogs. Indian bloggers are keeping the issue hot by rallying against

Indian bloggers including Desipundit are basically protesting against the crushing of dissent and supression of freedom of speech. This will be an interesting case to follow. Let’s hope that this turns out favorable for our Indian blogger friends and I hope that Patrix keeps us informed.

Instapundit reported this story earlier today.

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