Good News Translated from Iraq

Haider Ajina agains sends his translations of Iraqi Good News. His comments are what impress me the most this week from his Good News emails:

The following is my translation of a headline and article in the October 3rd edition of the Iraqi Arab newspaper “Almowaten”

Iraq’s Aljaafary says it is time to be proactive instead of reactive in dealing with terror

Iraqi Prime minister Dr. Ibrahiem Aljaafary threatened any who are involved in terror with swift and strong punishment.

He added: Any area which defies the peaceful political process will be dealt with, just as we did with Telaafar. With strength determination and audacity, with no hesitation or differentiation between any Iraqi cities.

My comments:

The Iraqi government is taking the fight to the terrorist. Telaafar was a good example and other cities are next. Our training and logistical backing of the Iraqi security forces is allowing the Iraqis to take steps towards taking charge of their own security. Evidence of this is daily.

We have handed over security of two provinces and plan to hand over 5 more to the Iraqis. We have given the prison management back to the Iraqis etc.

These are many steps forward and in the right direction for Iraq’s democratic political process. We are seeing four steps forward and one step back. Not two forward and three back as most of our media put it.

I do not understand why most of our media is so defeatist about our and the Iraqis progress in Iraq.

Iraq’s progress in the last 30 months is phenomenal and far exceeds any progress of any other country after such brutal dictatorship and robbery of its national resources and treasures as was done by the Baathists in the last 30 plus years.

* * * * *

The following is my translation of a headline and article in the October 3rd edition of the Iraqi Arab newspaper Alsabah Algadeed.

Iraq arrests four terrorist one if which is an “Amire” (commander) in “Ansar Alsunnah”

The Iraqi army was able to free a personal guard who was kidnapped and held for a $300,000 ransom. While freeing the guard one of his kidnappers was killed. Major Ayad Al-Kanani spokes person for the Sixth Company; first brigade, said that the personal guard was freed as a result of locals tipping off the Iraqi Army. He added that the personal guard was working for FPS when he was kidnapped over a month a go; he was imprisoned shackled and tortured while he was held.

* * * * *

In Kurdistan a police patrol in Machmoore west of Arbile, arrested four terrorist suspects one of whom carried the title of “Amire” (commander) of the terrorist group Ansar Alsunnah. They were arrested in the villages of Domeh Adries & Azizah Abdeh near Machmoore. This same police unit was bale to confiscate a large cash of weapons and ammunition and items used to make explosives such as TNT. This cash was in position of the terrorist suspects when they were arrested.

* * * * *

Iraqi special police units killed one terrorist and arrested another in Hai Aljamiaah area while they were abandoning a black Chevy Caprice. Three more terrorists were arrested in Mosul after being pursued. In Felujah Iraqi security arrested, after tips from citizens and surveillance, a terrorist suspected of recruiting civilians to work with him.

My (Haider) comments:

This is further evidence that Iraqi average citizens, in Felujah & Mosul (former terrorist hotbeds and strong Sunni cities) are joining the rest of Iraq in defeating terror. They obviously have confidence in the Iraqi security forces since they turn to them to fight the terrorists.

Why do they have confidence in the Iraqi security forces? Because they are capable, well trained and respect the rule of law.

Who trained these forces? We did.

Is this progress? I believe so.

Hat Tip to Haider Ajina
Thank you again for the information and your efforts!

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