Ghosts in Detroit Voting Democrat!

Here’s Your Spooky Halloween Story…

Detroit has problems! Dead people voting, absentee voting from alzheimers patients in nursing homes, broken ballot boxes, late election results,…
(via Lucianne and The Detroit News)

A Detroit News investigation raises serious questions about the handling of absentee ballots under Detroit City Clerk Jackie Currie as the city prepares to choose a mayor, City Council and school board Nov. 8.

Currie has been accused of irregular election practices in several lawsuits, and a review of election results, property records and databases of registered voters uncovered procedures that experts and other election officials described as questionable.

Among findings by News reporters were ballots cast by people registered to vote at abandoned and long-demolished buildings; a master voter list with 380,000 incorrect names and addresses — including people who have died or moved out of the city; and a practice of hand-delivering ballots from senior citizens and disabled voters that were filled out in private meetings with Currie’s paid election workers.

State law requires cities and townships to turn in election results to the county by 11 a.m. the morning after the election, and 42 of Wayne County’s 43 municipalities complied. But Detroit’s results were not turned in until nine days after the election, Jenkins said.

When the results arrived, eight of 24 poll districts and 52 of 100 absentee ballot districts had irregularities; mainly, they recorded more or fewer votes than names taken down on election night. When two separate recounts were requested by losing City Council candidates, county canvassers deemed 40 of 107 precincts selected for recount couldn’t be recounted due to irregularities such as broken ballot box seals and numbers of ballots not matching the number of votes recorded on election night. That meant candidates had no way of determining the legitimacy of the vote in nearly 40 percent of Detroit’s precincts selected for recount.

This is really a chilling story. You have to read the whole thing to believe it!

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