Conservative Warrior Coburn Fights Pork

Senator Coburn (R-OK) is acting like the Spokeperson for Conservatism today as he battles government spending on pork projects, (via Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt)

The junior Senator from Oklahoma dropped a bombshell on the Senate floor today. He attempted to make sense. He has spent time looking at pork in the Transportation bill, looking for excesses that can be trimmed to fund the necessary rebuilding in the Gulf Coast.

He ran into immediate and severe reactions from people of both political parties. Both Patty Murray, Democrat dimwit of Washington, and Ted Stevens, Republican Senate pro-tem, threatened, and in a not-so-veiled way, that there would be a payback to any Senator that voted for Coburn’s amendment. It failed, 15-82.

What are those Anti-Coburn Amendment Republican Senators thinking?

HERE is the list on how the senators voted.

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