Bush Defends Miers

President Bush says he wants Miers confirmed by Thanksgiving.

Harriet Miers, who is 60, was nominated yesterday for the open justice seat of the United States Supreme Court. Harriet is pictured from different periods of her life above. (WPN)

President Bush defended his choice of Ms. Harriet Miers today in a press conference:

He said Ms Miers was a woman of principle whose judicial philosophy would be the same in 20 years time.

Mr Bush was speaking at his first White House news conference since May and after a number of events, including Hurricane Katrina, hit his ratings.

On Iraq, Mr Bush once again said the US was committed to stay.

The Supreme Court is one of the most influential bodies in US public life.

If approved by the Senate, Ms Miers, 60, will take up the place left by Sandra Day O’Connor, who announced her retirement in July.

Bush says he wants Miers confirmed by Thanksgiving and he wants lawmakers to be fiscally responsible with the Katrina disaster:


When asked if Miers was the most qualified for the job, Bush responded by saying: “Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have put her on.”

“She’s an enormously accomplished person who’s incredibly bright. Secondly, she knows the kind of judge I’m looking for. After all, she was part of the process when I selected Judge [John] Roberts. I don’t want somebody on the bench who’s going to supplant the legislative process. I’m interested in people who are going to be strict constructionists,” Bush continued.

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