Bring Them Back!

How Pathetic!

Yesterday the men and women in uniform serving our country in Iraq practiced going over some of their answers before their national media debut. Why some people think this is a despicable act is beyond me. Who wants to look like a dope in front of a national audience? But, sadly the democratic MSM thought this was choreographed dance of the soldiers to match George Bush’s goals in Iraq.

When you don’t have anything better to say about our troops, our President, our country, or your non-existent agenda, this is the toxic sewage you wade in.



And, start off the conversation by asking them their feelings on the media. Ask them how they feel today about the media claiming that there answers were staged! Then ask them about the democrats wanting to pull troops from Iraq now. Then ask them about how they feel about the good news that is not being told coming from Iraq. Then ask them if they have a better word for the people killing them instead of insurgents. And, finally ask them how they feel about Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, and all of the others who call their actions “Hitlerian”, or make it sound like they are mindless goons and fools.

I say Bring them Back!

Michelle Malkin is all over this story today.

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Update: (2:45 PM CST) One of them is talking!

Michelle Malkin leads her readers to the blogsite of one of the soldiers from the news conference “They Call us Doc”

I would like to respond to what most of the mass-media has dubbed as, “A Staged Event.”
First of all, we were told that we would be speaking with the President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief, President Bush, so I believe that it would have been totally irresponsible for us NOT to prepare some ideas, facts or comments that we wanted to share with the President.
We were given an idea as to what topics he may discuss with us, but it’s the President of the United States; He will choose which way his conversation with us may go.
We practiced passing the microphone around to one another, so we wouldn’t choke someone on live TV. We had an idea as to who we thought should answer what types of questions, unless President Bush called on one of us specifically.

President Bush told us, during his closing, that the American people were behind us. I know that we are fighting here, not only to preserve our own freedoms, but to establish those same freedoms for the people of Iraq. It makes my stomach ache to think that we are helping to preserve free speech in the US, while the media uses that freedom to try to RIP DOWN the President and our morale, as US Soldiers. They seem to be enjoying the fact that they are tearing the country apart. Worthless!

And, there is much more HERE.

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