Another Democrat Convicted!

Since there was a lack of court news today, I thought I would post this…

Another democrat was convicted this month for fraud but the democrats won’t return the money (via CNS News):

Former U.S. Rep. Frank Ballance, a North Carolina Democrat, was sentenced to four years in prison on Oct. 12 for conspiring to divert taxpayer money to his friends and family through the charitable organization he founded in 1985.

But almost two weeks later, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee still has not returned the thousands of dollars in “dirty money” that Ballance contributed to the DCCC, the National Republican Congressional Committee wants everyone to know.

The NRCC said based on press reports, it appears that the DCCC has no plans to return the $29,500 that Ballance contributed to its coffers.

This is not the only instance of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee not returning campaign donations when it said it would:


And Ballance isn’t the DCCC’s only “dirty money” contributor. The NRCC noted that third-quarter Federal Election Commission reports show the DCCC has not yet returned $5,000 donated by a Chicago attorney who pled guilty to attempted extortion.

Just last month, the DCCC said it would return contributions from donors who plead guilty but it isn’t happening, the NRCC said.

The DCCC is the same group that’s urging Democrats to sign an online petition telling House Republican to “return [Rep. Tom] DeLay’s dirty money.”

This is the first that I heard of this democratic conviction in North Carolina. I had paid particular attention to the democratic politicians convicted in West Virginia for voter fraud the past while where at least 6 Democratic party leaders were convicted of voter fraud. One man even bought votes for liquor!

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I also have been keeping up pretty well this year with the Democratic election workers who have been convicted in the St. Louis area, in both Illinois and Missouri, for voter fraud, election violations, and in one conviction, plotting to murder a federal voter fraud witness!

At least 16 Democrats have been convicted in the St. Louis area since the election last year.

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More Democrats to be Indicted in East St. Louis

But, I have to admit that this is the first that I have heard of the North Carolina Democratic Representative sentenced to four years in prison.

Hat Tip Larwyn

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