4 Days in Iraq

All Things Conservative has four days of journal entries by Don Shepperd, an intelligence officer serving in Iraq… a great read and a perfect lead-in to the elections in Iraq today. Here is a piece:

So, Fuzzy, Baghdad is a mess right? Full of car bombs, murders, kidnaps… “Well, not only no, but HELL NO! Where do you guys come up with this stuff? You must be from the media. In fact we are making great progress, and here are some facts:”

“20% of Baghdad battle space has been turned over to Iraqi security forces and they are GOOD, in fact better than us, because they know the territory and speak the language. Their leadership is excellent and I would be proud to fight with those units anywhere. In fact we gave them
one of the toughest areas – Haifa Street neighborhood – one of our most dangerous places – they cleaned it up when we couldn’t. It is now considered “safe,” at least Baghdad safe.”

More HERE.

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