Why Jesse Jackson is Dead Wrong


I know that some of you would rather use 6 minutes of your time more productively, so let me break down what you missed if you chose not to watch the video clip titled “The Racial Component”:

* Slavery- mentioned once
* Slave Ships- mentioned 2 times
* Jim Crow- 2 times
* Global Warming- 1 time
* Money Sent to Iraq- 1 time
* Tax Cuts to the Wealthy- 1 time


Plus you missed this:

* “Refugee” is a racist word- starts the segment
* No Major Host on MSNBC or CNN is black- the host interviewing him in this segment on MSNBC is black! (She tells him she is black. And,… he ignores her! Too much!)
* Mayor could not get people out of town because they make less than $8000/year- see HERE and HERE.

It is interesting how Jesse puts all of this on President Bush and his administration and gives Mayor Nagin a pass (see Hugh Hewitt today).

* It was Mayor Nagin who appeared not to have a plan or to follow one. Does this make the black mayor racist?

* Because Mayor Nagin asked people to go to the Super Dome and Convention Center without adequate water or food supplies set up for the citizens; does this make the mayor racist?

* Because the mayor refused to evacuate people using the city buses as prescribed in the city pre-evacuation plans; does that make the mayor racist?

* Because the mayor let foreigners go to the front of the line and evacutate from the city before the locals; does this make the mayor racist?

* Because the President Bush declared a mandatory evacuation of everyone in New Orleans before the Governor or Mayor; does this make the governor or mayor racist?

* Because state and local officials were notified that “federal plan advises state and local emergency managers not to expect federal aid for 72 to 96 hours, and base their own preparedness efforts on the need to be self-sufficient for at least that period” and they weren’t! Does this make the governor and mayor racist?

* Because the pictures of looters were blacks in a town that is 70% black; does this make the networks racist?

Now on the flip side:

* Those volunteers in the Houston Astrodome are a mix of black and white; are they racist?

* The volunteers at the shelters in Baton Rouge, Dallas, St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago, San Antonio, Atlanta, Detroit, Nashville,… are a mix of black and white. Are they all racist?

* And, Jesse, please look at this video HERE (from KUTV Utah). These 600 evacuees were airlifted to Utah of all places! In Utah less than one percent of the population is black or African American, yet they took in 600 “refugees” from Louisiana! Are these people racist?

It’s clear that you have made a good sum of money giving speeches on Jim Crow and Slave Ships. And, it is understandable that as long as Americans believe your line, you will have plenty of work. But, your accusations are baseless and actually quite harmful. Isn’t there better things for you to do than start a race riot at a hurricane safehouse full of hungry and thirsty citizens who were told to go there by a mayor and city who failed to provide for them? Isn’t there some Marxist somewhere you can go prop up after a ride on his private jet?

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