What He Said…

Brownie Kicks Butt.

And, two members that I would have a hard time voting for in the future and not because I disagree with their political leanings.

Chris Shays (R-CT)


Gene Taylor (D-MS)

I strongly disagree with the way they spoke to Michael Brown. I don’t beleive anyone deserves that kind of treatment. Anyone.

Irish Pennants adds this…

One of Brown’s interrogators was Rep. William Jefferson (D-La). I thought that was priceless, given that Jefferson is under investigation by the FBI, and was responsible for diverting National Guardsmen from rescue missions to recover property from his New Orleans home.

I don’t think Brown had the qualifications to be head of FEMA, and I think he made mistakes. But the bulk of what he had to say rang true for me.

Democrats apparently are rethinking their plan to boycott Congressional investigations into Katrina, I suspect because they fear future witnesses will have similar unpleasant things to say about officials in New Orleans and Louisiana.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times joins the LA Times and the New Orleans Times-Picayune in writing a critical story of media rumor-mongering about the convention center.

There are, however, three stories that I think will never appear in the MSM:

1. A comparison of the federal response time in Katrina to the federal response time in earlier hurricanes.

2. A description of Brown’s performance in earlier natural disasters.

3. A contrast between how governors in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas responded to hurricanes, and how the governor of Louisiana did. Nor do I expect anyone in the MSM to note that the governors of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas are all Republicans, while the governor of Louisiana is not.

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