Victor Gives Arianna a History Lesson

But, she is to dense to realize it!

As, was the audience! My Lord, she repeated every tired and insane Anti-American liberal line we’ve heard for the last five years. I loved how she said she was thinking not as a Republican or Democrat but as an American! I’m surprised Victor Davis Hanson didn’t spit up his water on that one. What a silly arrogant liberal, she is!

Victor Davis Hanson gave Arrianna Huffington a thorough lesson in history, politics and truth tonight in the live webcast from their debate at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. The crowd was obviously full of America-hating leftists with no appreciation for Hanson’s brilliance.


At one point, Victor did get upset with Arianna’s attacks. He looked visibly upset and challenged her for her false representations of his talking points. She had no idea what he was talking about, abolutely none. It was just beyond her reality base, as if he was teaching her Chinese Algebra. Really, it was a waste of time for Victor as most people would expect. Arianna is not the brightest bulb on the “Leftist Holiday Tree” and it was obvious in her responses.

What was most upsetting was to hear her ramble on about how the US is making Iraq part of the Empire! How utterly batty! I hope she takes her show on the road so that Americans can hear more from one of the intellectual giants of the Left. That ought to win them votes! What a silly woman.

A Big Thank You to Little Green Footballs for the debate reminder!

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