STL Media Says US Soldiers are Rapists

This oughtta make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! It was printed on the St. Louis Media website. The author sent me a link to the article today. (I am just printing pieces from the article. Please excuse the language.)

…The man apologized and said “you know I’m just back from Iraq and I’m acting a little crazy… in Iraq we can do whatever. You think they put all that sh*t on the news? Man ask anybody we rape those b*tches over there and we take their men and blow their brains out just like that and nobody ever knows.”

Not knowing how to respond to that he changed the subject and said “I can’t wait for the race war man. I feel like killin some honkies and some Puerto Ricans. They need to invent a gun that can tell the difference between a Mexican and a Puerto Rican so we can kill all the Puerto Ricans.”

Then he looked at me and said “You Muslim muthaf*cka man I should kill your f*ggot Muslim ass.” The other two laughed and then the gay soldier sitting next to me said “don’t worry I don’t think he is a Muslim”. This of course is wrong because I am a Muslim…

…“Hell no we are not marines. We are army man, Special Forces. We are the muthaf*ckas that are over there in Iraq killing people all the time. Man that sh*t is fun believe me. You don’t think it is fun to just go around shootin muthaf*ckas and cutting their throats and nobody can do sh*t? You just don’t know man we are over there having fun but we are stressed.” The other man in the back seat said.

“In Iraq when you are stressed you can just take out you stress by killing someone. You can go pull your dick out and smack it in some Muslim b*tches face but here you just walk around tired and stressed and that’s why I want to go back to Iraq; but I feel like killin someone for real and when I step up in this club with my knife don’t be surprised if I kill a muthaf*cka.”

What kind of psychological treatment are these men getting after coming home from Iraq? Are they reflective of other soldiers?

This is the kind of propaganda that the Hard Left in St. Louis is printing about our soldiers fighting in Iraq. Feel free to comment on this article if you would like by visiting the St. Louis Media site, HERE.

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