Quick, Somebody Call Ohio!

Thank you, MyDD!

This is too much!

I wrote yesterday about massive voter fraud in New Jersey, where thousands of dead people had voted in last November’s election:


More than 4,000 votes (4,755) were cast under the names of dead New Jerseyans in last November’s election, and nearly 11,000 more people appear to have voted twice, according to state Republicans who say they fear election fraud when voters choose a new governor.

Saying they first raised these issues with state officials in May, Republican State Committee leaders blasted state Attorney General Peter C. Harvey Thursday for “ignoring warnings” and demanded he address their concerns within a week or face a lawsuit.

“I know this is going to be a close election, and I’m deeply concerned about the process,” said Republican State Committee Chairman Tom Wilson. “If you believe that there isn’t voter fraud going on, you probably also believe in Martians.”

Well, a blog on the left wrote about the article from the New York Times as well. This blog is trying to explain this voter fraud away saying that the Republicans in New Jersey never actually accused the Democrats with their findings.

True, and that is even more reason that the liberals should want to put a stop to this practice. In fact, Republicans in any state do not have to accuse Democrats of voting for dead people. They just need to put a stop to it. Because, they would rather turn their head to the real election violations. Everyone in the country knows that the dead voters are Democrats. As the joke goes, dead people vote Democrat over Republican, 10 to 1! (Hat Tip Chris Whitener)

The leftist blog continues,…

MyDD goes on to say that “there are lots of people with the same first name, last name and birth date”! Hmm… That is utterly impossible! And, they continue that someone did a search in Ohio and found essentially the same thing…

I happen to have at my disposal for research purposes voter registration files with 2004 vote history for several states, including Ohio, but unfortunately not New Jersey. I decided to do the same match as the New Jersey Republicans for the state of Ohio. I found 9,108 instances where voters had the same first name, last name, and birth date. However, there were 6,498 matches on `1/1/1800′, which some Ohio counties use to identify missing birth dates.

I can’t believe they just printed that! Thank you MyDD for disclosing the next state that needs to have a voter registration investigation.

Somebody quick call Ohio!

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