Lynndie England Leashed

Thankfully, Iraqis will be able to sleep soundly at night as the days when 5 foot, 100 pound, Lynndie England tormenting the men of Iraq are over! The trial of the century (no, not Saddam!) is on. The media is breathing a deep sigh of relief…

Private Lynndie England found the sexual humiliation of Iraqis funny, the military court in Texas heard.

Prosecution lawyers are aiming to disprove defence claims that she fell under the influence of senior soldiers.

She faces 11 years in jail if convicted on charges of conspiracy, committing an indecent act and maltreating detainees.

Pte Jeremy Sivits – who has been sentenced to one year in prison for his own role in the abuse scandal – told the court that Pte England clearly enjoyed the abuse of prisoners.

Many were ordered to strip naked and were photographed in humiliating positions and forced to simulate sexual acts.

“She was laughing, she seemed to be having a good time with all that was going on,” Pte Sivits told the court.

Referring to a famous picture showing Pte England pointing at one man’s genitals, Pte Sivits said: “She walked over on her own. She still seemed to be joking around, having a good time.”

We all owe Senator Ted Kennedy and the democrat media a big thank you for bringing this to the world’s attention and stopping this insanity!

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