Looney Clooney Makes a Movie

File this under “Stupid and liberal and thinks everyone else is just as stupid and liberal”

George Clooney “insists” that he is not making a political statement with his new movie.

He says the movie, which premieres at the Venice Film Festival, centres on the question: “Should fear be used to take away certain civil liberties?”

Speaking at a packed press conference in the Palazzo del Casino, Clooney says: “My goal is not to attack any administration, my goal is to raise a debate.”

The 44-year-old actor, known for his outspoken attacks on the Bush government, says his film focused on a period in the 1950s which saw US broadcaster Edward R Murrow confront the actions of Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy.

And, the hollow bunny continues…

“It’s true information is harder to get these days,” (huh?) adds Clooney, whose father Nick, a former TV anchorman, became disillusioned with the news and retired to run for Congress last year. (he lost!)

When I was growing up there were three networks – three news shows, delivering the same information. You took that information into your home and you formed your own opinions.”

“Now we have 130 channels. You go to the channel that plays to your belief pattern. We start with different sets of facts, it’s more polarising.”

The libs sure do miss that news monopoly, poor dears.

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