Iraqi Good News in Translation

Haider Ajina in California sends more Good News articles that he has translated from the Iraqi media:

Electricity in Iraqi provinces now available for 18 hours a day.

Iraqi electricity minister Mihsin Shalal confirmed that the electricity generation and distribution projects for Iraqi citizens throughout the provinces is providing power for 18 hours per day and more as more power is available.

The minister clarified, as he opened the a new electricity station in the provinces, that this station will greatly contribute to eliminating the power shortage which our citizens have been dealing with.

The minister called on provincial officials to implement power distribution in a fare and studied manner between provinces. This way all Iraqi citizens will benefit equally from the power generated and distributed throughout Iraq.

My comment: This is some good news we are unlikely to hear or read about.


“Millions of Iraqis celebrate Al-Shaaban pilgrimage thus defying terrorist threats.”

“Iraqi vice president Dr. Adil Abdul Mahdi diminished Alzarqawis threats to the Iraqi people, by saying that these threats increase the resolve and defiance of the Iraqi people, against the terrorists. He points out the millions of Iraqis who started their pilgrimage to Karbala yesterday, for the Shaaban pilgrimage, show the strongest defiance of Alzarqawi’s terrorist threats yet.

“He added that the visits by Estonia’s prime minister yesterday, Jordan’s prime minister before him and Briton’s foreign secretary also represent a victory for the political legitimacy of the Iraqi government. Adding that if it was not for the trust these countries have in Iraq’s victories on many fronts they would have not visited Iraq, defying the desperate terrorist attempts to derail Iraq’s political progress by kidnapping Ambassadors.

“As to terrorist activities, Abdul Mahdi said that he does not expect them to stop at once, but he reaffirmed that the battle against terror continues, and that the terror web is spread over a large area. They are made up of former member of Saddam’s regime as well as terrorist from outside of our borders. He was vigorously stating that the Iraqi security forces are making progress in their fight against terror. This is evident by the reduction in the number of car bombs and assassinations. He then said that the terrorists are more surrounded and more desperate than in the past. They are also choosing easy targets in their terrorist activities by attacking innocent unarmed civilians”.

My comments: While we hear and read about attacks and body counts in Iraq we hear & read little about defiance, resolve and perseverance of the Iraqis in the face of the terrorist attacks.

Right On, Haider! Thank you so much for sharing this good news!

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