Good News from the Gulf Coast

Progress is being made in leaps and bounds following the massive destruction of Hurricane Katrina. Americans have already donated more to the Katrina disaster than to any other emergency this country has faced. There has been a tremendous amount of “good news” coming from the Gulf Coast since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Given Katrina hit on Monday, August 29th, it has been ten days since the initial disaster and less than that since the levees gave way in New Orleans:

According to the Department of Homeland Security, as of Tuesday:

* The federal rescue effort involved more than 71,000 personnel
* More than 45,000 rescues.
* 23,000 rescues by the U.S. Coast Guard.
* Approximately 273,000 citizens had been evacuated.
* Two-thirds of the evacuees are still being housed in 550 federally-organized shelters around the country.
* Federal authorities had gathered and distributed 11.3 million military “Meals Ready to Eat”.
* 18 million liters of drinking water.

* The New Orleans Convention Center and SuperDome were completely evacuated one week ago today.

* Levee Breaks Plugged
* Displaced children already set to attend school.

* Port of New Orleans to begin Working Next Week
* Barge Traffic resumes on the Mississippi
* Shipping in Gulf on the move again
* Ships Return to Mississippi
* ‘We’re coming back,’ says port CEO
* Grocers’ stocks in Mississippi return to normal
* Mississippi River Export Grain Industry Recovering From Hurricane Katrina
* T-Mobile Gulf Coast Wireless Network Coverage At or Near Normal Levels
* South Mississippi school officials make plans to resume classes
* Some Firms keep Working
* Gas Prices Begin to Ease
* U.S. refineries resume operations after hurricane
* New Orleans Coffee Not Damaged by Katrina
* Hurricane-hit Imperial Sugar resumes operations
* High school football will be back, and sooner than expected in Mississippi.
* South Mississippi school officials make plans to resume classes

* And, the Governor of Mississippi praises federal aid effort
* Those being rescued were very grateful and often broke down emotionally once help arrived.
* Wheelchair Foundation Provides Mobility Relief to Hurricane Victims
* Katrina sparks massive US aid giving!

And the “big news” today…

Death tolls lower than expected

Preliminary searches in New Orleans indicate the death toll from Hurricane Katrina may not be as high as initially feared, officials said Friday.

“I think there’s some encouragement in what we’ve found in the initial sweeps that some of the catastrophic deaths that some people predicted may not have occurred,” Terry Ebbert, New Orleans’ homeland security chief, told the Associated Press.

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