Dershowitz Calls Rehnquist a "Thug"

Alan Dershowitz calls Chief Justice Rehnquist a “Thug” not three hours after his death. Alan is a well known political figure and criminal law professor at Harvard Law School.

Shortly after the Passing of Chief Justice William Rehnquist from thyroid cancer, FOX News interviewed several authorities for their response to the news. Alan Dershowitz from Harvard Law School was on FOX and not within 3 hours of Rehnquist’s death, Gershowitz is calling Chief Justice Rehnquist a “Republican Thug!”

My friends Red and Tom at Scared Monkeys have the audio!

Michelle Malkin links to Inside Cable News who was live-blogging.

Dershowitz starts pontificating almost immediately. Rehashes Bush v. Gore and basically calls Rehnquist a hypocrite for it. “The decisions of Justice Rehnquist are not taught in law schools as great decisions. He’ll be primarily remembered for his votes rather than the content or quality of his decisions”? Ugh… he just called him a “Republican thug!”…Colmes cuts him off and Hannity turns to Levin who can’t wait to tear into Dershowitz! “Professor Derschowitz has proven himself to be the disgrace that I always thought he was.” Ouch…

Class act, that Dershowitz!

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