Delay Indicted, What's So Shocking?

Tom Delay has been walking around for years now with a big target on his back. We all knew this. I guess the dems were a bit miffed that the districts in Texas were redrawn so that there would be more Republican representatives coming from the state. And, they blamed Tom Delay. Imagine? A Red State with more Republican Representatives. Outrageous! We already knew since last year that his obit in the New York Times was going to lead with…

Tom Delay, the scandal plagued Representative from Texas, passed away today from_____….

I heard of some shenanigans last year when the dems were accusing him then of something crazy. I didn’t know what it meant then. Neither did anyone. Nor did I care. I wasn’t interested. The fact today that the accuser has tried four other times to bring down other prominent Republican Politicians in Texas with no success makes him seem a bit like Bill Burkett.

Hey, maybe this “Earle guy” knows where Lucy Ramirez is?

(I hope she made it out of Houston before Rita hit.)

I am glad that now, instead of walking around like the kid who got beat in a race by a girl at track practice (I hope my brother reads this!), he will have the chance to clear his name. The MSM and democrats will continue to portray him as a mass murderer anyway (except they usually have a candlelight rally for those guys), but at least we will know he is innocent. And, if he is convicted, then indict 10 democrats for the same thing. You know they’re out there.

Here is the news of Tom Delay’s indictment…

…on charges of on a criminal count of conspiring with two political associates to violate state campaign finance law, and DeLay announced he was temporarily stepping down as House majority leader.

What is that? Sounds a bit vague, I’d say. I mean, who can explain that charge?

DeLay denounced the charge against him as “reckless,” and he acerbically blasted the Democratic district attorney prosecuting the case as “an unabashed partisan zealot” seeking revenge for Democratic political defeats in Texas.

I do like Delay’s response…

The Texas Republican called his indictment a “sham” and an act of blatant political partisanship by a rogue Democratic prosecutor out for revenge.

A grand jury in Texas Wednesday charged DeLay and two political associates with conspiracy in an alleged campaign finance scheme.

Speaking to reporters at the U.S. Capitol, DeLay called the charge against him “one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history.” He said he’ll be cleared of all charges.

Mark Levin, a lawyer who wrote “Men in Black”, is furious…

I honestly believe that unless there’s more, this is an egregious abuse of prosecutorial power. It’s a disgrace. I understand that not everything has to be contained in an indictment, but how about something!

Levin was furious on Sean Hannity and said they should pull a Clinton on this judge and disbar him.

I see that the BBC was working on something more to throw at Delay. Funny how they just happened to come up with this story…

The Republican leader in the US House of Representatives reportedly paid his wife and daughter $500,000.

I wonder if they will do a follow up story on Maxine Waters tomorrow and the $1 million she has given her family?

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