Delay Fiasco May Be TKO for MSM

After the major blows to the press this week, including the absolute fabrications about Hurricane Katrina and the oh, so apparent lunacy of the Anti-War/Anti-US “Mother Sheehan”, the Delay scandal may be the knockout punch for the MSM.

Anyone with any sense would know by now that even without an indictment the MSM was going to label Tom Delay as “Plagued with Scandal” from here on out. With the rumblings from the last six months, his obit in the New York Times had already been written. It didn’t take this made-up indictment for that to happen.

This indictment does, however, give Tom Delay an opportunity to clear his name. This indictment also gives Delay and Republicans an opportunity to paint a picture of who is behind this craziness. When Americans find out that this is no more than a political hack job, it won’t play out well for the democrats or MSM. And, since it is already known that this “Earle” person has tried this same trick four or six times already with other Texas Republicans, it’s not going to be that difficult.

Believe me, I know this from being smack dab in the Heart of Jesusland. Here is an example of just one email I received this week:

Just thought I’d let you in on a casual observation I had today. I finally served my jury duty. While we were in recess, the bailiff commented on the gas prices, the hurricanes, and some other jurors (more than 1) said it’s awful that George W. Bush is getting such a bum wrap. He is having such a run of bad luck with all these disasters, high gas prices, bad PR. At that moment, I felt like I was in a room of the representatives of the United States. 12 other jurors had (picked from over 250 prospective) basically felt the same way as me. What are the odds of that Jim? I think the American people are seeing around these activists and liberals. And, Americans don’t feel the same way as the MSM. A change is coming Jim, a change is coming, and the liberals aren’t going to be happy.

In the meantime, we will all have to put up with but won’t forget headlines like:

DeLay indictment piles on GOP troubles

Indictment of Republican Tom DeLay a serious blow for Bush agenda

And, my favorite headline which has nothing to do with the indictment from the BBC:

Republican ‘paid family $500,000’

Don’t expect the followup to this story tomorrow on Maxine Waters paying her family over $1 million for their services!

(Not that I necessarily approve of this practice, but just see this report as such hypocrisy if it is not pointed out that this is not an isolated incident.)

Republicans may feel angry and afraid tonight, but tomorrow when America sees the awful politics behind this vague indictment they will not be amused.

Let’s just wait and watch this one play out!

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