Dead People Voting in New Jersey

** Voting Zombie Alert in New Jersey **

The Republican Party in New Jersey has found THOUSANDS of dead people who voted in the November elections last year:

More than 4,000 votes (4,755) were cast under the names of dead New Jerseyans in last November’s election, and nearly 11,000 more people appear to have voted twice, according to state Republicans who say they fear election fraud when voters choose a new governor.

Saying they first raised these issues with state officials in May, Republican State Committee leaders blasted state Attorney General Peter C. Harvey Thursday for “ignoring warnings” and demanded he address their concerns within a week or face a lawsuit.

“I know this is going to be a close election, and I’m deeply concerned about the process,” said Republican State Committee Chairman Tom Wilson. “If you believe that there isn’t voter fraud going on, you probably also believe in Martians.”

Republicans reviewed voter rolls for each of the state’s 21 counties and for five other states, and they say they found thousands of people registered in more than one place and thousands more who are supposedly dead but still registered. Among their findings, the GOP said 4,397 people who are registered in two New Jersey counties appeared to vote twice in the 2004 general election; 6,572 people registered in both New Jersey and another state appear to have voted in both states last November; and 4,755 officially listed as “deceased” voted in the last election, along with 13,440 people supposedly dead who were still registered as of May 1.

Duplicates were found based on matching first and last names and dates of birth, Wilson said. The review included some 5 million names on voter rolls.

Democrats questioned the Republicans’ findings.

Republicans are concerned with voter fraud problems especially because the governor’s race is expected to be close this November. According to The New York Times:

At a news conference at the State House, Tom Wilson, the state’s party chairman, took pains to say that the analysis did not look at voters’ party affiliation. He also said that the party was not accusing voters of committing fraud, suggesting instead that someone else may have exploited their names without their knowledge.

Mr. Wilson said the analysis did not examine whether any of the alleged fraudulent voting tipped a close race in 2004, but he said that it was imperative that all future races – including this year’s race for governor between Douglas R. Forrester, a Republican, and Senator Jon S. Corzine, a Democrat – be as clean as possible.

Mr. Wilson and other Republican leaders also criticized Attorney General Peter C. Harvey, the state’s top election official, for failing to enforce the law, and demanded in a 10-page letter on Thursday that Mr. Harvey investigate the state’s voting patterns.

“This is going to be an extremely close election,” said Mr. Wilson, disregarding recent polls showing that Mr. Corzine’s double-digit lead in percentage points is widening. “We need to make sure that the process that we have to allow people to vote is fair, is honest, and the integrity of which is so strong that the outcome can’t be disputed. We don’t have that today.”

Now get this from Rutgers Professor, Ingid Reed:

Ingrid Reed, director of the Eagleton New Jersey Project at Rutgers University, said that she needed to review the analysis more carefully. But the potential for mistakes was certainly not insignificant, she said, pointing to mishaps in Florida in 2000, and in Ohio and Washington in 2004, and because New Jersey has not yet finished centralizing its voting lists, in accordance with the 2002 Help America Vote Act.

We all know that the NYT has been accused of liberal bias, but to include Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 is not reality based is it? I mean, isn’t that just continuing a liberal myth? Correct me please, if I am wrong, but, as far as I remember, there was never any charges on voter fraud or intimidation filed in either Florida or Ohio!

Yet, there has been vote fraud allegations in Wisconsin and Washington (where the election’s supervisor was fired). There is a trial going on currently in West Virginia of a Democratic Party member. And, 16 Democratic Party Election Workers have been FOUND GUILTY OF ELECTION VIOLATIONS in the St. Louis Area (Missouri and Illinois) since the November election. So, where does Ingrid come off with Florida and Ohio??

Just curious.

This just struck me…

It occurred to me that Powerline caught Paul Krugman from the New York Times doing the same thing with the 2000 election just a couple of weeks ago in one of his columns.

Does the New York Times have institutionalized Krugmania?

Update: I have an update on why someone needs to call Ohio, that you must read HERE.

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