Cindy Sheehan Speaks for the Military

Tonight Cindy Sheehan was invited on CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” for a special on the military:

The focus of this special hour will be to pay tribute and support those who have sacrificed for our nation. Our goal is to put a human face on the war and to give a voice to the families.

I’m going to just cut to the chase:


Donny Deutsch started the program with at least 15 minutes or more of the hour interviewing Cindy Sheehan. In probably the worst interview on the democrat media in some time, Donny let Cindy carp on nonstop with her usual slander of the military and the War in Iraq and the president with out even one question. Cindy’s monologue covered how Casey was promised 20 or 40 thousand dollars and only received 4 thousand. She did not disclose that she had already met with the president. She talked about how unprotected the soldiers are in Iraq. She did not disclose that Casey had re-upped while in the service. She did not disclose her liberal background or that she is funded by the Left in her protests. And, she says that she gets emails of support from the military all of the time. It was promoted as if she speaks for the majority of those serving in the military. And, it went unchallenged!

Not one question was asked of Cindy by Donny Deutsch. Not one question about Mother Sheehan’s extreme liberal views and past comments (“occupied new orleans” was her latest from today). It was like one of her leftist sermons at some crazed Leftist University campus. Really, it was unbelievable, considering she is such an Anti-War fanatic. (Donny says on his site that he wishes Bill Clinton could be elected for a third term and that George W. Bush is the worst president ever, so when I read this after the show it put things in perspective.)

The whole show was not as revolting and improved dramatically when the Pruitt Family from Idaho were on and their four sons were shown from Iraq where they are all serving.

What amazed me as I watched this from a treadmill at the gym, is that this is where we are today in our country. This is where we are. One year ago, if anyone would have mentioned that Americans were “occupiers” as Cindy Sheehan did tonight, it would have been news. Now we don’t hardly bat an eye. Three weeks ago we were outraged that a rapper said that the President is racist (doesn’t like black people). We knew it was ridiculous then. And, these words came from the “rapper” on the cover of Time magazine. Today we’ve heard it enough that it doesn’t have that sting, anymore. It’s as if the country is asleep to this self-hatred. But sadly as America sleeps the standards in this country decline, the values in the country decay, the lies in this country go unchallenged, the pride in this country is forgotten, the mission of this country is distorted, and the love for this country is mocked. America needs to wake up.

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