Cindy Goes to Cairo

The “Cindy Show” has gone global! A worldwide audience is following Cindy’s shenanigans and sits in amazement. Amazed in the freedoms they are witnessing in America.

While Cindy was being arrested today, her flock chanted, “The world is watching!” That was so true! All of the major international news outlets have been following the story. Michelle Malkin noted that even Aljazeera was following the story. They reported on Cindy’s arrest. Not because they care about Cindy but, because now they could point a finger at America and say to their audience, “See! We told you so!” But, it only took a novice to see that Cindy planned the protest and arrest, Cindy knew she would be arrested (she was warned several times), Cindy even enjoyed being arrested!

Freedom for Egyptians Gets It!

“Freedom for Egyptians” wrote this terrific piece on Saturday after watching Cindy and Jesse march hand in hand down “Protest Avenue” in Washington D.C….

Cindy Sheehan in Egypt

I thought of this crazy idea imaging Cindy Sheehan is in Egypt being a pain in the neck for President Mubarak. I imagined the reactions in Egypt. Reactions in Egypt will have nothing to do with bi-partisan, Republicans or Democrats, pro and anti-war folks, fox news or CNN. It will have to do with how one sole determiner with absolute power treats the citizens.

* Protests’ interpretation: A hired agent by an enemy country. She was paid to distort the reputation of Egypt abroad and destabilize state security.

* Press and mass media: A nationwide campaign in the national and so-called opposition newspapers with evidence that she was paid by Israel and the US to threaten national sovereignty. President Mubarak replies, “Egypt preserves the right to its sovereignty and we do not accept foreign interference in domestic politics. This is a mere internal situation.”

* Ministry of the Interior part: Cindy Sheehan is raped in one of the demonstrations and all her clothes were ripped off. All her family members are interrogated and their phone calls are intercepted because they are regarded as state threat. Some of her family members receive threats from security entities if she does not stop as a punishment to all of them. Some of her young family members will be denied job opportunities.

* On street demonstrations: Cindy and her group might be crushed by an army of blind soldiers who do not listen except to the voice of their officer.
Anticipated reactions: Cindy Sheehan might be shot dead by the President’s guards as they did with a poor man from Port Said City few years ago when he tried to submit a request to the President.

* Unconventional ways: Bribery by the regime which could be money or a position in the policies secretariat of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

* Coercive disappearance: Cindy could disappear forever and then papers will say last seen buying groceries near her house when she was kidnapped in the middle of the night.

It’s funny that the regimes that the Leftist Speakers were praising on Saturday at Cindy’s “Anti War(?) Rally”… Palestine, Cuba, Venezuela, Saddam’s Iraq, are the same places where people are not allowed such expression!

Update: (Tuesday 9-27) Here is a personal response I received from Freedom for Egyptians:

That’s great. Thanks for posting it on your blog. It is wonderful to let people know how Egyptians are treated under 24 years of state of emergency and give an idea to other Americans, that your freedom is very much cherished by other nations who do not enjoy any freedom. It is good to be reminded not to take your freedom for granted.

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