Bush to "Sell" Democracy to UN

How sad is that headline? I am not sure if it is the skeptical AP Writer Jenifer Loven, or if it is the skeptical UN that is so utterly twisted that you have to “sell” them democracy! I am sure the first couple of paragraphs will give it away…

Bush Seeks U.N. Support on Democracy

Before skeptical world leaders, President Bush is seeking to sell the global community on his blueprint for spreading democracy in Iraq and elsewhere, overhauling the United Nations and expanding free trade.

There is broad opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq among the more than 160 presidents, prime ministers and kings gathered for three days of U.N. General Assembly meetings. Many leaders also would rather hear Bush finally relent and support an international treaty on global warming or promise to donate foreign aid at a level more proportionate to other rich nations.

It’s Jennifer! She’s most likely a Bush hater! The give away was she used the word “Iraq” within the first two sentences. This makes it 96% certain that she thinks Iraq was a diversion (the same percentage that Mayor Nagin was off on his Katrina body count, by the way!) to the War on Terror… Anyway, Bush is going to push democracy to the corrupt and struggling UN today. Do you suppose Regime Heads and representatives from Iran, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Nepal,… will be taking notes?

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