Bobby Jindal's Actions Helping Louisiana

The Jindal Family lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.

Bobby Jindal’s legislative victories on natural disaster compensation in Congress this year are critical for Louisianans during this time of need. Bobby is shown here with his wife and daughter at a campaign rally.

Hurricane Katrina has left Bobby Jindal homeless as far as he knows. Bobby has not been able to get back to see his home since the disaster but his neighborhood was hard hit from the hurricane. Bobby said on FOX News tonight that he is very grateful to have his family safe after this horrible disaster. The India Daily wrote more about Bobby today, including how his actions in Congress will help his home state of Louisiana:

Indian American Congressman Bobby Jindal was among thousands of residents in New Orleans, Louisiana, who were left without food or electricity after Hurricane Katrina pounded the US Gulf coast.

“The events of the last 48 hours have hit us harshly, and the effects of Hurricane Katrina are still not fully known,” Jindal, a resident of Louisiana’s New Orleans that has been submerged under the flood waters, said on his website.

“I know most of you, like my family and I, have spent a restless night, evacuated from your homes and still without power. We are all worried about what we will find when we are finally given the all clear to return,” he said. Over 50 people were killed after the storm inflicted catastrophic damage all along the coast as it slammed into Louisiana with 224 kph winds, then swept across Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. The Louisiana Governor and the New Orleans mayor have called for all city residents to leave because of unforeseen floodwaters that are ravaging the downtown.

Jindal (Republican-Louisiana) is the first Indian American to be elected to Congress after California Republican Dalip Singh Saund who was elected in 1957. Jindal’s legislative victories on natural disaster compensation in Congress this year are critical for Louisianans as they fight yet another major calamity.

The Times of India also is reporting on India’s favorite son, Bobby Jindal, and adds:


Soon after he came into Congress this year, he began to lobby and successfully got passed legislation reversing an earlier ruling that would have taxed compensation to his state’s residents for monies they got as a result of natural disasters.

That law takes on added meaning for Louisianans now as they battle with massive devastation from Hurrican Katrina.

Senator Trent Lott, (R-Miss.), also learned from neighbors and relatives that the storm surge from Hurricane Katrina, rising as high as 30 feet, leveled his Pascagoula home along the Gulf coast of Mississippi near the Alabama border.

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