Bloggers Hurricane Relief Day

To donate to Catholic Charities click HERE.

Today is “Blogger Hurricane Relief Day” as suggested by Hugh Hewitt and organized by Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit. Please, open your hearts and your checkbooks to help those suffering from this catastrophe.

And, continue to follow these blogs for hurricane updates:

Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Austin Bay, California Conservative and Little Green Footballs have more on Hurricane Katrina.

A. M. Mora y Leon at Publius Pundit reflects on the tragedy.

The Anchoress has a terrific roundup.

GOPinion lends a hand.

American’s for Freedom doesn’t think that people fully realize the magnitude of this situation.

Cox & Forkum

Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005

Black Five, Mudville Gazette, Powerline, Polipundit.

It is heartwarming to see One Free Korea with a donations link!

Stefania, the Persia Lover at Free Thoughts, discusses an Italian Blogathon to raise money for US victims.

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